Welcome to the City at the Center of the World… Absalom.

This Pathfinder Campaign started out with 4 players and a GM (me) playing the Giant Slayers Adventure Path. The intrepid Group defended the town of Trunau successfully, but situations and difficulties called for the end of the game and a sad farewell to two players. But, sitting around one weekend talking with the two remaining players, one stated that she really enjoyed her character, it being one of her all-time favorites. So, I began researching a new campaign for the two of them and a meeting with a dwarven solicitor in Trunau and the inheritance of a manor in the Petal District of Absalom mandated a move to the south and the beginning of a game filled with many twists of intrigue. Joined by a sorceror from the far north, the band seeks to find their fortunes in their new home.

Absalom Awakened